Significant Accomplishments

The following is only a sampling of some of the significant accomplishments of GLA since its evolution into a licensing consultancy in the mid to late 90's. Click on a category below for case studies.

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Children's Apparel


GLA helped one of the top department store-oriented childrenswear companies to secure the license rights to the $1 billion + Timberland brand for childrens apparel and accessories. This company was looking for a department store brand that would not cannibalize its existing business. In short time, GLA discovered that Timberland was willing (and legally able) to replace its then current licensee with GLA's client. A few months later, GLA helped this client to acquire this lower to mid eight-figure business without any extraordinary upfront fee.

Eddie Bauer

GLA helped a leading mid-tier childrenswear company to secure the license rights to the $1 billion + Eddie Bauer brand for a wide range of children's apparel and some children's accessories. Although Eddie Bauer was hesitant at first to license their brand for a category so close to their core adult apparel, GLA was able to effectuate a deal that not only satisfied Eddie Bauer's concerns but also far exceeded expectations in its first year of business.

Skechers and Southpole

GLA helped a leading childrenswear company to secure the license rights to the $1 billion + Skechers brand. This company was looking to quickly replace a license for another billion dollar brand that had just expired and was concerned about losing precious floor space at its top accounts. GLA immediately discovered that the Skechers childrenswear license, already a low to mid 8-figure business, was available and helped this client to secure the license with no time to spare. Around the same time, GLA also helped this client to secure the license rights to the Southpole brand (then a $500 million brand) for childrenswear. At the time, Southpole was the most coveted streetwear brand in the mid-tier, with several other major childrenswear companies competing for the license.


When one of the largest mass market infant/newborn/layette childrenswear companies wanted a brand that could help them to; 1) expand their "mid-tier" presence, 2) address older children, and 3) expand into activewear, GLA helped them to secure the license rights to the Jockey brand, a business which satisfied all 3 criteria.