Founded in 1984 by Chuck Gilman, one of the early pioneers in trademark licensing and a highly regarded industry expert, Gilman Licensing Associates, LLC ("GLA") is a renowned licensing consulting company specializing in the acquisition of powerful trademark licenses and the procurement of distribution and brand acquisition agreements on behalf of its clients. GLA has built an enviable client base who rely on its expertise in: 1) researching and identifying appropriate brand names to license or acquire, 2) uncovering opportunities in the marketplace (including sizable existing businesses), 3) building and maintaining contacts at numerous top licensors, 4) negotiating agreements on the most favorable terms, and 5) providing timely, expert advice throughout the entire licensing process. In addition, GLA provides trademark evaluations and expert witness services in cases involving trademark infringement, counterfeiting, and other licensing-related matters.

Take a closer look, and you will see that the principals of GLA are…

Client Advocates

We are passionate. We are driven. We are diligent. We are principled. And we go to great lengths to not only deliver for our clients (even the long shots that others will not pursue) but to exceed any realistic expectations they may have. Whether a special project or the development of a multi-branded licensing program involving several strategically-selected licenses, our modus operandi at GLA is: "Go The Extra Mile".


In our history, we've negotiated over 300 license deals that have generated billions of dollars in annual sales for our clients. Our client base, both past and present, includes such powerhouse, market-leading companies as: Skechers, Oxford Industries, Kellwood, Steve Madden, Totes-Isotoner, Viva International, Groupe TWC/L'Amy, Charmant, Weatherproof Garment Co., Haddad Apparel Group, Parigi Group, Foster Grant/Stylemark, American Essentials, EB Brands/EB Sport, Moret Group, Tandy Brands, Adjmi Apparel Group, Sakar, Concept 1, Fownes Brothers, Mundi Westport, ACI Brands, etc.


We are hard-driving negotiators. We are proudest when we are able to use our agreement negotiating skills to more than offset our cost to our clients. And nothing satisfies us more than when we can procure deals on terms more favorable than even our own client had imagined.


We are strategic thinkers who believe that almost any obstacle can be overcome with the right strategy. Over the course of 2 years, we advised a leading global eyewear company with no previous experience in retailer licensing on acquiring the license rights to the $1 billion Ann Taylor specialty retailer brand. At every turn, we were able to devise strategies that helped our client to navigate this new terrain and ultimately beat out some of the largest eyewear companies on the planet.


Some call it disciplined execution. We say: "We Get Things Done". When one of our leading childrenswear clients was in danger of forfeiting precious retail floor space after losing the license from a billion dollar brand, we promptly procured the billion dollar + Skechers brand (a low to mid 8-figure existing business at the time) and the powerful Southpole brand ($500 million at the time) for them, thereby preserving and actually strengthening their position at retail. We've delivered in similar scenarios for other clients with such billion dollar + brands as Timberland, Reebok, Eddie Bauer, Under Armour, New Balance, Wrangler, etc.


We are the eyes and ears of our clients in the licensing arena. Always on the phone/attending meetings with licensors, attending trade shows, reading the trades, shopping retail, and extracting opportunities from the world around us. Decades in the business has led to the formation of countless solid relationships with powerful licensors - including top management, licensing agencies, and talent agencies – in a myriad of industries. We put these relationships to work for our clients every day - uncovering opportunities that are hidden to others, opening doors that might have otherwise remained shut, and negotiating more favorable deals for our clients.


Knowledge is power. With this in mind, we bathe our brains in it, constantly updating our extensive brand database, sharpening our well-honed research skills, and organizing and categorizing the information we sift through on a daily basis. We then combine these various tools to come up with a plan of action, whether recommending the most appropriate powerhouse brands to our clients, putting together research-based presentation materials, or gaining an understanding of a particular industry or market segment.


For over 28 years, our consuming passion has been to build the businesses of our clients through licensing. We've sat on both the licensor and licensee sides of the table, giving us unique insight and perspective. We've developed an innate sense of which brands fit which clients. We've learned how to both protect and enhance our clients' interests so pitfalls can be avoided and profitable growth achieved. We've managed to maintain and strengthen our integrity during this time. And we've leveraged this expertise to create new and powerful revenue-generating streams that have more than doubled the size of several of our clients.